What makes a good teacher?

In this week’s notes, I decided to observe the behavior of teachers. I wanted to find out what makes a good teacher. I’ve had many amazing teachers and wanted to see why I had this interpretation. For this project, I observed a teacher who is a favorite among my peers. For context, this teacher teachesContinue reading “What makes a good teacher?”

Ethnographic Field Note Topic: High School

Throughout my time in high school, I have developed a passion for anthropology. Anthropology, in my opinion, is how society/outside factors influence human behavior on an individual level. I want to be an anthropologist in the future. Their job is to observe a specific niche and analyze how the individuals within that area behave. IContinue reading “Ethnographic Field Note Topic: High School”

Academic based vs. Sport Based Studying

During my first two years of high school, I focused primarily on gymnastics. Gymnastics was always my priority and school became my second. That all changed going into junior year. My decision to quit gymnastics pushed me to focus on my academics. While transitioning, I was fascinated by the different mindset and attitude I hadContinue reading “Academic based vs. Sport Based Studying”