Ethnographic Field Note Topic: High School

Throughout my time in high school, I have developed a passion for anthropology. Anthropology, in my opinion, is how society/outside factors influence human behavior on an individual level. I want to be an anthropologist in the future. Their job is to observe a specific niche and analyze how the individuals within that area behave. I will do the same. I will observe how high schoolers and teachers act within my school community. I will be recording what I notice in my blog.

Some questions to be asking myself:

  • What did I observe (who, what when, where how)?
  • What opinions did I form during my observations? Any assumptions? Did these assumptions continue?
  • If someone is unfamiliar with the area of study (school), what would they notice? What would be their reactions (e.g. surprises/confused/intrigued)?
  • Did I interview anyone? What did they say?
  • How do I fit in to this community? In what context? How do the people in the community interpret me?
  • Any common themes that were noticeable?
  • What conclusions did I make?

Hope you guys stick with me on this journey!

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