Homeschooler’s Guide to Entering Public School

Are you thinking about returning back to school? If you are, this is the perfect guide to help you succeed in your transition. I, myself, was was once in this situation. I decided to return to public school after 6 years of homeschool. Not only was I entering as a junior in high school, but I also was a new student at the school. Trust me when I say that I know what you are going through. I’ve been there. I wish someone told me what to expect when I made this transition. That is why I created this post: to share my experience. I hope this post helps you!

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  • First off, make a friend
    • Turn to someone who looks trustable to get you started
    • This might take a while but it will be worth
  • Join clubs
    • This is another way to meet friends who share similar interests
  • Pick courses suitable for you
    • First year back into the school system can be tough. Don’t overload but also seek to challenge yourself.
  • Bring your own lunch
    • This really depends on your school district but I recommend bringing your own lunch as cafeteria food tends to be questionable.
  • Become close with your counselor and teachers
    • They are your greatest assets in the learning process
    • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It is part of their career to help you so use it to your advantage. Attend office hours if needed.
    • Someone who I recommend that you know is your school’s student counselor. This is the person who provides mental and emotional support for students. It is always helpful to be able to talk out your feelings to someone who is non-judge mental (at least they should be). My student counselor really helped me through tough times so I believe that they are a valuable asset.
  • Finish your homework on time
    • As a fellow homeschooler, I believe that you should be fine in this field but just be wary.
    • Homework that piles up can be tiresome and having a teacher on your back is stressful.
  • Get to school early
    • Especially if you are new, come to school early to get to know the building. You do not want to get lost in your school. Be sure to be able to find the bathrooms, the exits, your classrooms, etc. You will want to know where everything is.
  • Memorize your schedule
    • Know the order of your classes. You do not want to accidentally go to the first floor when you need to be on the third floor.
  • Bring school supplies needed for your courses
    • This should be pretty obvious. But always remember to have a laptop, binder with paper, and a pencil.
  • Learn how to take notes
    • It is another ballgame trying to take notes when a teacher is talking. From my experience as a homeschooler, I only knew how to take notes from a textbook and not from a lecture. I had to develop ways to take notes that worked for me.
  • Choose clothing wisely
    • I opt for something comfortable but everyone has their own styles. Clothing is a type of art so wear whatever suits you. Just be weary of your school’s dress code and you should be good.
  • Bring a water bottle and possibly an umbrella
    • These come in handy


  • Most importantly, don’t go into your high school completely stressed out
    • It takes a while to find your groove. Believe in yourself and before you know it you’ll fit in.
  • Entering high school relaxed
    • Try to maintain your grades the best you can. I’ve met so many people who let their grades slip and regretted it later
  • Change for other people
    • The only person you have to please is you. You are your best self when you are happy so stay that way. Don’t let others bring you down.
  • Drag about your grades of lack thereof
    • Face it. No one likes it when you brag about your grades. On the other hand, people don’t want to hear you whine either. Only share your grades to those who ask.
  • Don’t get into the wrong friend group
    • Just like everyone says, avoid drugs and sexual activity. There are so many negative consequences that are not worth the time and effort. But if you are feeling down, please seek help. Do not find your escape doing these things.
  • Let people copy your homework
    • I know that you are trying to be nice and all but it’s not worth it. There’s too much at stake if you get caught. Be the “bad” guy and say no, ESPECIALLY to those who you know are bad at cheating. If you can’t resist and share your work, make sure that it is with those who you can trust.
  • Be the self-righteous guy
    • Everyone has flaws. You do not want to constantly remind them of it. It will make you seem like a b**** and others will distance themselves from you.
  • Dwell on the past
    • Because you are in a new environment, some of your old habits might not work. Instead of dwelling on them, try to form new habits to adapt to your situation.

Everyone’s high school experience isn’t perfect. It takes some getting used to. In the end, it will all work out so don’t stress about it. Even if you are a new student or are new to the public schools system in general, know that there are always people behind your back, you just need to find them. For me, it took some time to find these people, but after I found them, it made my high school experience 10X more enjoyable. High school is not this big bad place. It will only be if you make it. So, make the best out of it! The only person you need to overcome is yourself. Good luck!

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