What To Do After You Quit Your Sport

This is not an easy question to answer. What do I do now without my sport? This is something I’ve fought with after quitting gymnastics. The struggle is real. I’ve faced both mental and physical difficulties upon leaving the sport. I became physically unfit and had to rediscover my personal identity. I’ve spent days reflecting on myself in order to restart anew. Leaving a sport is never easy; so, I created a list of things that helped me get over this hurdle. With these tips, I hope it makes your transition to a different life easier too.

  1. First off, take some time to process and acknowledge the departure from your sport
    • Quitting something that you loved is essentially like losing a part of yourself
    • Take the time to reflect on it (and cry when need be)
    • Talk to friends and family
      • Everything is easier once you voice your problems
      • Rant to them and get off that steam
    • You have to FULLY accept your loss before you can move on
  2. Find a new goal
    • What hobbies do you like?
    • Any educational goals such as attending colleges, getting a masters, etc?
    • What is something on your bucket list?
    • How do you envision the new you? How will you become that person?
    • Any career goals?
  3. Write down that goal and put it somewhere noticeable
    • You can write on a post it note and tape it to your door
    • You can have your screensaver as your new goal
    • You just want something that will immediately catch your attention and serve as a reminder
  4. OPTIONAL (write down how you will achieve it)
    • If you write things out, it means that you have developed a plan. You have steps to follow to make that dream come true. It is no longer a blind passion. This makes it easier to motivate you to fulfill that dream.
    • This step is optional since some people like to be spontaneous
      • Sometimes, writing things out can be intimidating. This intimidation can cause one to procrastinate or avoid the task at hand.
      • So, this step is not for everyone
  5. JUST DO IT!!!
    • Of course this one of the last steps! Pursue your dream and don’t let anything hold you back! You can dictate your world so make the best out of it. As corny as it sounds, you only live once so live it to the fullest.
  6. And if all else fails and you really miss your sport/can’t let go, try something that pertains to it.
    • Become a coach
    • Switch gyms/facilities/coaches/teams
    • Become a physical therapist (can treat athletes of your particular sport)
    • Become a psychologist (help athletes get back on their feet)
    • Open your own gym/facility/training center
    • Become a judge/referee for your sport
    • Become a sports announcer

The main goal of this blog post is to be happy! You understand yourself the most so follow what your heart desires. Remember, if there’s a will, there’s a way. Happiness can be right around the corner or it could take years or decades to find. Never stop searching and good luck!!!

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