Homeschool vs. Public School

I compiled a list of the differences between homeschool and public school. Because I attended both, I can safety say that I know the ins and outs of each. If you are debating which one to choose, I hope this list helps you out!


  • Positives
    • Able to self pace
    • Can dictate your own schedule
    • Personal freedom
    • Can wake up whenever = nice sleep schedule
    • Textbook heavy = can be considered good and bad
    • Learning is how you make it out to be (how you learn, when you learn, and where you learn depends on you)
    • Can snack or eat food whenever
    • Don’t have to deal with or interact with teachers and students (can also be a negative)
    • More time for extracurriculars = if you are an athlete, you can focus on getting a scholarship or training for something big like the Olympics
    • Can travel without worrying about absences and grades
    • No such thing as “homework” = everything is known as “schoolwork”
  • Negatives
    • Lack of teacher’s support/communication
      • I had to wait 3-5 business days for my online teachers to reply to my emails
    • Harder to connect with peers
    • Easier to cheat/harder to absorb information (cheating can be appealing to some) (BUT cheating occurs everywhere)
    • Have to be highly motivated and dedicated to finish work (because there’s no teacher/pressure to finish assignments, it is all up to you to finish work)
    • Have to self finance experiments = which can also translate to no experiments
    • Have to sit in front of a computer all day
      • Easily bored and tired
    • Less active lifestyle since you sit in front of a computer all day (BUT many people enter homeschool to compensate for sports or for other extracurriculars)
    • It may be harder to find teacher recommendations for colleges
    • No school events
    • Graduation is in front of a screen = not super appealing

Public School/ In Person Learning

  • Positives
    • Able to get clarification/answers to questions right away
    • Engagement and interaction with peers
    • Experiments are performed, especially for science
    • More hands on and aural learning
    • Less computer time needed (most likely only for assignments) BUT a lot of learning on a SMARTBOARD*
    • PE is mandatory (but in some schools able to be waivered) which means a more active lifestyle
    • Can attend school events and school clubs (e.g. Spirit week, prom, field trips, etc) (music club, DECA, Giveback, etc)
    • You learn how to interact with others/become more social
    • You become friends with teachers which can help in the college process
    • School recommendations are easy to come by as long as you have a good relationship with your teachers
    • Learning in a social setting can be fun (less likely to fall asleep and more likely to be engaging)
    • Graduation is very rewarding as there is a big celebration
  • Negatives
    • Has to rely on a teacher’s schedule for homework and quizzes
      • A teacher gives pressure to turn in assignments on time
      • Bad sleep schedule for those who have difficulty with time management
    • Teachers make it or break it (good teachers make learning easier while bad teachers make learning harder) (this is up to luck)
    • Harder to cheat –> more likely to absorb materials –> harder to get a good grade
    • Social problems may be prevalent (bullying, being socially awkward, etc)
    • Only can only eat during lunch block (unless the teacher is lenient)
    • Cannot travel during the school year
    • Absences can lead to detention

Personally, I prefer going to school because of the teacher support and the fun social life. But, the one that is right for you depends on your own personal strengths and weaknesses. Besides that, I hope you like this entry! If there’s anything I can add or if you have any questions please let me know!

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