Academic based vs. Sport Based Studying

During my first two years of high school, I focused primarily on gymnastics. Gymnastics was always my priority and school became my second. That all changed going into junior year. My decision to quit gymnastics pushed me to focus on my academics. While transitioning, I was fascinated by the different mindset and attitude I had towards my new situation. With this blog, I’m excited to share what I’ve noticed!

Sport Based

  • Energy:
    • All my energy was devoted on my sport. I embodied the “gymnastic life” and I loved it.
  • Scheduling:
    • I spent most of my time in gymnastics (30 hours a week).
    • My schedule was constructed in a way to compensate for it. If I had to stay overtime, I would have to adjust my schedule.
    • If my gymnastics competition fell on a Friday, I would have to miss school for it.
  • School:
    • I would be very lenient whenever I didn’t finish a school assignment.
    • Only needed a 80% or above for each subject.
    • Mostly took CP courses with a few honor courses
    • Taking the SAT and ACT was of little importance as I was hoping to gain a scholarship. Getting a scholarship was the goal and testing was never on my mind.
    • Difficult to manage school with an intense schedule of gymnastics
  • Social life:
    • Sacrificing my social life was needed in order to be as competitive as possible (never attending social gatherings and, in my case, even joining the homeschool program)
    • Limited friends as my social circle only consisted of people in gymnastics
  • Health
    • Physical health
      • Very fit and active
      • Constant injuries and pain = a day without pain is unusual
      • R.I.C.E (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) was prominent
      • Physical therapy was needed
      • Many doctors visits and checkups when injured
        • MRI, Cat Scan, etc
    • Mental health:
      • Motivation was strong as I had a goal to work with: scholarship
      • High stress
      • Difficult practice days was a common occurrence = can be depressing
        • However, fellow teammates were encouraging and would help with hard days
      • Coaches can be hard to work with whenever injured or during difficult times
      • Happy days are when I competed in a successful competition or practice
  • College
    • Starting the college process early (we were expected to start looking at schools in the 7th grade)
    • Creating a Youtube account to send videos to colleges.
      • Constantly pushing for new skills and improvements in order to send the videos to colleges.

Academic Based

  • Energy:
    • All my energy was now on studying and finishing homework. Nothing topped getting a good GPA
  • Scheduling:
    • I had to learn how to manage between studying, clubs, community service, friends, and extracurricular activities.
  • School:
    • In order to be competitive with other students, I had to start taking AP courses.
      • Had to work hard to maintain grades with the harder curriculum
    • SAT and ACT: these were of high importance as I was following the traditional academic route
  • Social life:
    • I was able to connect with people outside my gymnastics circle.
    • Clubs: I joined a few school clubs which allowed me to connect with people of similar interests
      • Getting leadership positions to boast the resume and gain experience
    • Community Service: This is a great way to connect with your community and find out more about the outside world.
  • Health
    • Physical health:
      • Healthy but now as active
      • Staring at a computer screen and doing school all day can be tiring for the eyes and back
      • No injuries
    • Mental health:
      • No clear goal: Yes, I want to get into college, but I do not know what I’m going to do in college
      • Moderate stress: Getting good grades + testing is stressful
        • However, not as stressful as gymnastics. In gymnastics, intense focus is needed to have a successful practice and to prevent injuries/falls. One also has to worry about scholarships. When focusing on academics, one does not have to worry about getting a physical injury when studying.
      • Bored: feeling like your life is consumed by homework
      • Happiness can be attained through a healthy social life
  • College
    • The college application process starts in junior year
      • However, it is helpful to start earlier in order to be prepared
    • This means looking at colleges and finding out which major to take
    • Start looking for scholarships senior year
  • Work
    • Even though I do not work, many of my friends work part time jobs to gain experience. It also looks great on the the resume.

This is what I gathered so far during my junior year. As my high school life continues, I hope to add more details onto this list. Thank you for reading and please comment on what you think!

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